Lucy met her first Muslim at the age of 16. Whilst going on to study Economics at Cambridge University, she investigated Christianity and Islam at the same time, and unexpectedly found herself compelled by what she had discovered to make a life-changing decision about her faith while still a student. She now lives as a Muslim in the UK.

Outside her day job, Lucy writes in an accessible way about finding deeper meaning from the every day. Increasingly, her day job is about that too.

Lucy lives in a village outside London with her husband and a cat who loves walking over the keyboard. They have three adult children who keep coming back home.

Lucy is author of ‘Welcome to Islam-a convert’s tale’ and speaks on BBC Radio 2’s ‘Pause for Thought‘. She has delivered two TedX talks: one on the experience of Muslim teenagers in the school system in the UK and one on spiritual identity. Lucy has been a regular columnist in Emel, UK’s Muslim lifestyle magazine. Lucy is former COO at UK’s National Zakat Foundation, a wealth-redistribution charity in the UK based on the Islamic pillar of Zakat.