Some concise answers to questions Lucy has been asked.
Who or what is Allah?
Do Muslims worship Muhammad?
Do Muslims believe in Jesus?
Are those who are not Muslims considered to be infidels?
Do Muslims believe in Angels?
Did Muhammad write the Qur’an?
Do Muslims really manage to pray five times a day?
Why do Muslims have to pray towards Makkah?
In Ramadan, can’t Muslims even have water?
Do babies and children have to fast?
Whom do Muslims have to give their charity to?
What is Hajj all about?
Is the Muslim Eid like Christmas?
Why can’t Muslims drink alcohol or eat pork?
Why aren’t any images of people or animals allowed in mosques?
What is Shariah law?
What is a fatwa?
Why do people kill in the name of Islam?
Why do Muslims engage in Holy War?
Did Islam spread by the sword?
Does Islam oppress women?
Why are Muslim men allowed more than one wife?
Why did Muhammad have so many wives?
Why do Muslim women and men pray separately?
Why do some Muslim women cover their hair?
What does Islam say about sex outside marriage?
Are most Muslims Arab?
If you become Muslim, do you have to change your name?
If you are Muslim and want to get married, do you have to marry a Muslim?
What will happen to a Muslim if he or she doesn’t want to be Muslim any more?