High-Street Heroes

For the last two years, Richard has been the manager of my local village train station. His job title was Station Ambassador.

December 9, 2021

Richard used to bring his dog George with him to work – George charmed the passengers and was a comfort and joy to many. Richard went above and beyond his remit to help others. To me, he’s a local hero!

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The High Street Hero award has been recognising unsung heroes of our High Streets – those who are reviving, adapting and diversifying our towns. People who’ve made their venues into real hubs for the community. Individuals who’ve run great initiatives to improve the experience for all. The award celebrates those who have gone above and beyond their role.

The book Muslims turn to for guidance, the Qur’an, encourages us to strive to help others. In Chapter 4, titled women, it says: ‘Those who strive are favoured with a tremendous reward [..], high ranks conferred by Him, as well as forgiveness and mercy: God is most forgiving and merciful.”  Crucially, it also links striving with struggling and support. Like in this verse of the Qur’an: “Those who believed and emigrated to Medina and struggled for God’s cause with their possessions and persons, and those who gave refuge and help, are all allies of one another.” (Ch 8, v 72)

Our Station Ambassador is struggling right now. Turns out bringing George the dog to work was against the rules, and as a result, Richard – and George – were asked to leave. Yet Richard’s approach of selfless care has found him supporters and allies in the community. Unexpectedly, they’ve been turning out in droves in his hour of need to ask for his return. Everything he did altruistically to help others is now coming back to help him! We’re still rooting for him. No matter the outcome, he’s our striving, struggling local hero.