Light In The Darkness

Although it was over two decades ago, it seems like only yesterday my first baby was due. My husband had been thinking for a while the new baby really should have a light that could be dimmed in the bedroom where they were going to sleep when a bit older.

December 2, 2021

My labour began in the late evening. That turned out to be just the motivation my husband needed: he was spurred into action and began installing a dimmer switch. Rather unfortunately, he fused all the lights in the process. The entire house went dark. I really wanted to be able to see, so he kindly brought me a flickering candle to help. My labour lasted for hours. I was relieved the candle did too.

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Several thousand years ago, a Jewish group called the Maccabeans wanted light. They had regained the Temple in Jerusalem and, to rededicate it, they needed to light a special lamp. There appeared to be just enough oil to light the lamp for a single day. But that tiny bit of oil kept the lamp lit for eight days. And so the temple was lit too.

The book Muslims turn to for guidance, the Qur’an, often mentions the importance of light. One verse poetically indicates God Himself is the Light. Another, in the Chapter of Abraham, says: And indeed, We already sent Moses with Our signs (saying), “Bring out your people from the depths of darkness to the light and remind them of the Days of God. Surely in that are signs indeed for everyone (who is) most patient, constantly thankful. (14.5)

Back in our dark house, it finally looked like I was getting closer to the time of delivery, so we headed off to the local hospital. Thankfully, our baby girl was born in the early hours. In line with Muslim tradition, my husband whispered in her ear the call to prayer and prayed for God to guide her in her life. Eventually, he went home and called the electrician. The expert came, fixed the problem, and showed him what to do for future. Happily, our home had light again. Turns out all we needed was a bit of guidance to show us the way.