Starting a New Job

I began my first day in my new role as an Analyst. I hadn’t been part of the labour market in the UK for quite a few years. I didn’t think I had the skills I needed for the position. I was pretty sure I had secured a job that was way beyond me to learn.

February 10, 2023

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I’d tried to hone my skills in advance before I started – but hadn’t known enough about what I was going to be doing to know what exactly I needed to work on. I was petrified.

When I arrived, I was stressed even about introducing myself at the all-staff meeting. After one week in the role, my boss drew up a chair next to me. Looking both concerned and serious, he asked: How’s it going? And said urgently: “You have to succeed – for you, for me, for the team.”

I find one of the most critical new jobs has been highlighted in the Qur’an. God gave Moses the mission of talking to Pharoah, to convince him to become less of a tyrant. Moses knew the mission mattered. But he also knew the message would not go down well, and on top of that he had a speech impediment and no-one to help him.

And so in a supplication many Muslims make to this day, God tells us in the Qur’an that Moses prayed: “Lord. Lift up my heart. And ease my task for me, untie my tongue, so they may understand my words and give me a helper from my family.” And Moses got the help he needed. He spoke clearly and with confidence. His brother Aaron went with him to Pharoah.

So in my new – much less important- role, I asked for help. Help from God – the Opener, the one who opens doors – and help from others.

And slowly doors opened. While I didn’t start my job with a sibling – which was probably just as well – I did get to know and appreciate my colleagues. I went on training courses. I figured out how to do my work – or most of it, at least. That role came to an end – but then a new one began soon afterwards. Another job I didn’t know how to do! Time to ask for help again.